Besides the basics, Northland Swim Club is active in the community and its services to members and groups

Swim Team 


Northland Tiger Sharks landing, be wary and only click of you are prepared to swim for your life! For more information please visit our swim team page or click here.


Swim Lessons


We offer swim lessons as one of our services.  This year the swim lessons offered through SwimAmerica. For more information please visit or click here Click Here for more info.


Team Rentals


As one of the few remaining outdoor long course pools, we have a strong team rental facility.  For more details and amiability please contact the office at 614-888-0754 or use our "Contact Us" page to send us a message.


Party Rentals

We offer amazing party opportunities for birthdays, graduations, clubs, etc. 

For more details and availability please contact the office at 614-888-0754 or send an email to

Teaching to swim