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Image by Melinda Martin

Welcome to your pool!
Nestled in the North Side of Columbus Ohio

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Hello Pool Family!
Our June Fundraiser is Little Caesar Kits!!!These are so easy, quick and everyone loves them!
Use the link below to order your kits today!
Order Kits Here
Fundraiser Ends June 21st

2024 Spring Mailer Documents

Hiring 2024.png

We are planning to open in for the 2024 pool season, but we need your help. We are hoping to not increase our membership, so we are asking each member to reach out to corporations and asking for a tax-deductible corporate donation.  Having a budget this year we are projecting that we will be about $15,000 - $20,000 short to make it through the season. We already know that our everyday expenses will continue to increase. Our first expense is our contract to rent the space and our one-year contract was up on October 31st, 2023.  With negotiations with the landlord, he has agreed to let us rent the pool and the space at the same rent as last year.  However, with our budget falling short and not wanting to raise memberships we thought that asking our members to help us get corporate donations would be a win/win for all.  NSC will provide you with a corporate business donation letter that you can take to business and present for a donation.  No donation is too small or too big!  In return we are offering the members 5% of the donations they get towards their membership for the 2024 season.  For example: If you get a $2,000 donation from Menards, we will automatically apply a $100 to your membership for next year which will make your membership $100 cheaper.  The more donation money you get, the more money off your pass you get.  

Below is the letter you can give to the donor:


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